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  • Martin Luther King
    ================================ “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”


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I worked in clerical and editorial when I decided to leave the job force to attend the University of Kansas. It was the years of "Don't trust anyone over thirty". I was thirty. It was also the years of the Vietnam war. University protesters burned the union. We never made it up to the young men who risked their lives to come back to open hate. Thankfully I wasn't part of that.

After I graduated with a degree in Advertising and Editorial Art, I found that my "advanced age" handicapped me in getting work. No one can say I'm not stubborn. I spent one and a half years finding that first job (I've worked everything else as a temp--factories to phone rep for a senator.) After that, I worked twenty plus years in graphic art. Ten of those years taught me computer graphics.

I'm mother to one and grandma (Gray-a-mah according to my grandson) to four. Hailey Nichole joined the family as first great-grandchild, daughter of Steven. Hailey's dad is now going to college, thrilled to be a dad. Then came Liliana, daughter to Sean, who has had to go to an expanded hat size. Now Steven's family has grown by one--probably rowdy--boy in April 2012. We can't tell yet. He spends a lot of time studying his hands and trying to figure things out. But he has hair you can braid.

My real birth in Christ took place twenty-eight years ago in March.


Books, eating out, my family, clean stand-up comedians, logic puzzles, band parades, the daily comics. I'm the only grandma I know with three comic sites bookmarked.