Love to laugh. I hear it's good for the heart.

The Lord found me thirty years ago. Life battered me into defeat after losing a job and suffering my one major illness: I had dropped my health insurance.

Fort Leavenworth, forty-five miles away, offered a job in my field, but I didn’t have a car. One morning, I paced and called on God to tell me what to do, unaware of my actions. Who was I talking to? Taking that position loomed impossible. The Lord gave me a clear message:"Catch rides." At that moment, he filled me with the Holy Spirit.

The first day, another woman from my hometown also began working there, and, since she couldn’t find carpoolers, she accepted me as a paid rider. How great is our God.

I authored two books, ,One Touch from the Maker, and Escape from the Prison System, Finding the Narrow Door. In the first, I compiled short stories of God’s profound and everyday miracles. It educated me: published three times, I made every mistake.

I long to see people saved, so I compiled Escape from the Prison System about prisoner salvations as my second book. It tells of good citizens they became, in love with Christ. If people aren’t saved in that terrible place, how can they be saved?

Now I’m working in a new genre, a Christian historical novel about the family of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The family demonstrates Jesus’ love for us all--steadfast sons or prodigals. Jesus doesn't only love "good" people.

Before publishing it, it must sparkle. It’s frightening to mix truth with fiction. I don’t want to offend the Lord. And I don’t want people to mistake my additions for Gospel. The book aims to entertain with biblical truth mingled throughout.

I have one son, four grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. Retired, I don’t want a retirement with nothing to do. I have all these beautiful years. Maybe they can sparkle too.