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Book Review: Stolen but not Lost

Stolen but not lost FOR TYPEPAD

Janet Tombow

Publisher:  Carpenter's Son Publishing 

Pages: 224 

List price: $14.95 

ISBN:  978-0984977116 

Ms. Tombow journeys from a difficult childhood to finding and becoming a part of her birth mother’s life. She tells of the harsh treatment she received from her stepmother and her distance from her father. Then she delineates the steps in her search for her birth mother—valuable information for anyone looking for a birth parent—and the life and trials they shared after she found her. Both mother and daughter must grieve the lost years and learn forgiveness. 

I found the first chapter depressing and almost didn’t continue reading as it gives an unemotional description of her stepmother’s abuse. The writing is adequate but the writer writes in lists. She tells of the first step and then tells of the next step as though writing a travelogue. But anyone who wants to search for a birth parent will find concrete answers and organization names to help. The book warns of pitfalls that may accompany the reunion.

I received this book from NetGalley. It is an honest review.


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