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Who Said That?

  • Elisabeth Elliot
    ======================================== “If we hold tightly to anything given to us unwilling to allow it to be used as the Giver means it to be used we stunt the growth of the soul. What God gives us is not necessarily 'ours' but only ours to offer back to him, ours to relinguish, ours to lose, ours to let go of, if we want to be our true selves. Many deaths must go into reaching our maturity in Christ, many letting goes.”

Deadbeat Everything

  • Gary used marijuana for the first time at ten. At twenty-eight, three strikes turned Gary's drug use into a felony.

Fifty-One to Life

  • HIV positive, Phoebe feared she would die in prison.

Demon Scream

  • Roger went to prison and preached on Sunday but the man in cell three didn't like it.

"God Rescue Me"

  • David prayed every time he found himself in trouble, but he didn't know God.

"When Will You Stop Loving Me?"

  • Angela forgave her husband his crime to show her son an example of love.

"Can I Hold Your Hand?"

  • Pamela refused the minister's help, but the touch of her hand changed Pamela's life.

A Tract and a Dollar

  • Shanna followed the Grateful Dead and lived on the street until a simple tract opened her eyes.

Fall of a Steadfast Son

  • Chris served God until an affair with a student sent him to prison.

Hard Ride to Redemption

  • Andy couldn't get arrested, but when he finally did, the drive to prison made prison look like a party.

The Senseless Cause

  • Antonio gave his life to the Mexican Mafia until he found another cause to fill his heart.

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Unkept Promises

  • Shawn made promises to God but he had to reach bottom to keep them.


  • Tony's temper took him to prison. Then it took him to solitary confinement

Cadillac Conversation

  • Tony and Mike, both in solitary, communicated with a comb and the bottom half of a used toothpaste tube.

A House in Order

  • Partying and drugs caused Cathy to lose her children.

Weekends in Hell

  • A successful overachiever, Jim found himself sucked into alcoholism and strip clubs.

No Life Without Him

  • John routinely ducked crossfire before his fourteenth birthday.