• Laura:
    As someone who has written about Mary, Martha and Lazarus I was looking forward to reading the Biblical Fiction novel Martha's Sister, Beloved Prodigal by Patricia Annalee Kirk. I was not disappointed.

    What pleased me the most was that someone has finally set things straight about which Mary was the prostitute in the Gospels. I know that seems a silly thing to be pleased about, but it always irked me that Mary Magdalene had her character maligned for something she didn't do.

    The author has done a brilliant job of getting into her characters and showing how Mary (Lazarus' sister) could have come to such a crossroads in her life. ... (see the rest of this review on Goodreads

  • Erika Mathews:
    I very much enjoyed this work of Biblical fiction. I found it clean and true to the Biblical account, while also adding in details of what Martha, Mary, and Lazarus' life might have been like in between their Scriptural spotlights. The plot was cohesive, the conflicts were brilliantly incorporated, and the message was clear.
  • Reagan Colbert, Beta Reader:
    I Love this book. The positive points were the character personalities, the plot, and the historical accuracy. The facts, terms, and customs you portrayed matched the era so perfectly, making it easy to slip into the story and see the world around it. I learned a lot about the customs of the first century. You did an awesome job with the characters, taking real historical figures and giving them lovable personalities. Mar 6, 2017