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Book Review: Your Money God's Way

Your Money God's Way for typepad

 Amie Streater 

ISBN 978-1-59555-232-7 

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

189 pages 

Price: $14.99


Amie Streater became Associate Pastor of Financial Stewardship of New Life Church after pulling herself out of her own financial mess. This book doesn’t advise about everyday money management like keeping a budget or writing everything you spend in a notebook, though she does touch on it in the last chapter. It describes the pitfalls good Christians can get into with what she calls “Counterfeit convictions.” People come to her when their ships have sunk. She quotes the Bible to show people where they have gone wrong and recommends a mind change. 

She goes into detail about covering debt for family members or others who won’t help themselves. The other side of that attitude is thinking the world owes you a living and attributing it to God. “God told me to stay home with my children, no matter that I ran up tons of bills for college. Now my husband will work two jobs to support me.”  She says if God tells you something He wants you to do, you need to plan in advance to make it happen. 

She gives a strong warning about believing swindlers because they go to church or might even stand in the pulpit--some have TV programs. Or maybe the deceiver carries a business card with a fish on it. 

She talks about many instances of getting into trouble because of the ease of using plastic and ignoring the signs of trouble like Scarlet O’Hara, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.“ 

Not all is lost though. She believes that everyone in a bad financial situation can pray and work his or her way out of it, but he or she must take steps to do so. Amie  gives entertaining examples of how others came out the other side. 

The author occasionally writes like a drill sergeant with charm but anyone who feels that family or personal finance is crumbling around him or her should read this book.


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