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Hand of fate for typepad

Lis Wiehl with April Henry

Thomas Nelson  

ISBN 978-1-59554-706-4

Hardcover: 320 pages

Price: $24.99, discounted on

When Jim Fate, the talk show host with the hot running mouth gets murdered during his show, listeners and crew think terrorists might have sent the deadly poison. As people fall in the street, it seems to prove it. But as Allison and Nic work the case, that becomes only one possibility. They realize that they would have less trouble looking for people who like him. 

The inside book flap (library copy) lists author Lis Wiehl as “former federal prosecutor.” Allison also has that job. The police and court details are excellent. Only someone who worked those venues could show those scenes so convincingly. 

Christian characters pray and live their faith but don’t mistake this book for a cozy mystery. Parts of it turn raw (the reason for my reservations). 

The three well-drawn friends who people Hand of Fate, as they try to solve the mystery, suffer tragedy. We worry about Cassidy when she falls asleep in a tub full of water after taking sleeping pills with wine. And Nic, African-American, has a daughter with green eyes. Why? And why does Nic reject all men? 

With a small letdown in the middle as the women follow clues, this book is constantly suspenseful. When you think you have solved a clue, the book takes a stunning turn you didn’t see coming. 

I ordered this book from my public library after finding it listed on an online Christian bookstore. If you like solid suspense you will enjoy this book. Having said that, one scene is so brutal Christians need to be aware that it can be disturbing to those trying to live by Philipians 4:8. That scene is anything but "good and lovely."


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