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Book Review: Nightshade, Discarded Heroes

Nightshade Ronie Kendig  

SubTitle:  Discarded Heroes Book One 

Publisher:  Barbour Publishing, Inc. 

List Price: $12.99

Pages: 368

ISBN:  9781602607774  

Nightshade combines the story of David and the A Team. The Bible doesn’t talk about the scars killing in war put on David’s soul and the A Team made it look fun. Although I hate the violence that permeates too many TV shows and movies, Max’s pain drew me in. The killing he did left him a shattered man. Did David live with guilt? 

Nightshade tells several stories: Max, his wife and a missionary couple. Max, a “discarded hero,” and former soldier, presumably discharged, but a member of Nightshade, goes to dangerous locales and does what the military can’t do for political reasons. Sydney, his wife, loves him, but she fears how far his anger will propel him. So, for her safety, she gets a restraining order and a separation agreement. But her love won’t leave her, particularly when she discovers herself pregnant. Then when Jon and Kimber find themselves in the clutches of terrorists after told to leave their missionary assignment, Nightshade gets the assignment to go in and rescue them—and Sydney gets an assignment to do a story on Nightshade, unaware that Max leads it. 

Each chapter switches to a different story in a different place. I found the changes a little distracting, sometimes had to take a second to see which story the chapter told. 

This story is exciting, with constant adventure. The characters are realistic and sympathetic. Romance lovers will enjoy it. It also describes constant violence. If it were a movie, it would have a “watch at your own risk” label.


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