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Book Review: Who is My Shelter? (Yada Yada House of Hope Novel)

Who is my shelter Neta Jackson

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson 

List Price: $14.99

Pages: 432 but only 409 tell the story. Followed by Book Club questions 

ISBN:  9781595548634 

Phillip throws Gabby out of their penthouse, driving her to homelessness. He parks her boys with his parents in another state. On her own with no place to go, Gabby founds House of Hope, a place for homeless single mothers. She fills each day with friendships, problems, and prayer. Meanwhile, Phillip’s gambling addiction endangers his life as thugs beat him up, landing him in the hospital--and then try to do it again. He knows he’s not safe until he can pay his gambling debts. He returns Gabby’s boys. Gabby still loves Phillip but feels the marriage has ended. 

This well-researched book realistically follows the workings of how such an undertaking can succeed. The habitants and leaders of The House of Hope merge into family and friends as these women get a new start. 

Who is My Shelter lists as fiction but I wanted it to be true. If there are places like Houses of Hope, I don’t know about them—but there should be. We care about the sometimes-difficult personalities here. Crisis and Gabby’s story keep this book perking along. Well worth reading.


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