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Burying the hatchet Chris Well

ISBN 978-1-60260-457-5

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.

256 pages 

Price: $10.99 

When Earl had to leave his retirement home, Pastor Andrew Benton and his family offered him a place to stay. Now the pastor sat in jail accused of murder. The pastor did a fiery sermon against Montague Black, famed psychic, even saying that the Lord says we must kill those who engage in the dark arts. He said Montague either took his psychic powers from demons or merely conned his audience. Either way, the pastor wasn’t a fan. When the papers picked up the story of the sermon, the pastor agreed to talk to Montague, but when he burst out of the meeting room with a bloody letter opener in his hand, and Montague lay dead on the floor, his guilt seemed obvious. Earl doubted that he could help and told the two women to leave it to the professionals, but Gloria and Jenny pulled him in. 

I enjoyed this well-paced mystery. I had no idea who-dun-it until the end. In addition, it includes a senior citizen romance and, in the background, a college romance. The characters realistically walk across the pages, and the reader likes them: well worth reading.


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