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Book Review: The Mountains Bow Down, a Sibella Giorello Mystery

Mountains bow down for typepad. Sibella Giorello 

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson 

List Price: $14.99 

Pages: 384 

ISBN:  9781595545350 

Raleigh plans to vacation in Alaska with her mother, aunt, and an irritating clairvoyant, to think about her engagement and her ambivalence about it. However, plans change when a woman disappears and then is discovered hanging off the side of the cruise ship. 

As an FBI agent, Raleigh realizes that the vacation is over. Additionally, when she asks her office for help, a handsome agent she remembers as a down-putting thorn-in-her-side volunteers to join her. She can’t forget the trouble he caused her as a new FBI agent. 

Raleigh also must admit that her mother’s fragile mental state worsens by the day. She feels responsible for the deterioration. She feels worse when her mother, afraid of her, refuses to see her in the hospital. 

This book is for those who enjoy clues and forensics. Raleigh works through the evidence with precision and her conclusions ring true. The author knows forensics, or has a good adviser. The action slows in places. Readers find more a logic puzzle than an action movie--with exceptions.

The background story of family gives truth and interest to Raleigh’s character. Though Raleigh is Christian, it doesn’t have much to do with the story, although there is nothing a Christian would avoid. Crimes happen off screen without a lot of description. Though one of the villains is a pornographer, the author handles descriptions of his pornography lightly.

A good novel for those who enjoy unusual facts and detail.


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