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Book Review: Craving Grace: A Story of Faith, Failure, and My Search for Sweetness

Craving grace Lisa Velthouse  

SubTitle:  A Story of Faith, Failure, and My Search for Sweetness 

Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers

Imprint:  SaltRiver

List Price: $16.99    

Pages: 272  

ISBN:  9781414335773 

This book may have begun as a diary of Lisa’s six-month fast from sweets. The reader sees her maturing spiritually and chronologically. Lisa spends her life trying to do good to earn God’s approval. Her commitment is impressive. So, to get it right, she decides to do more—she embarks on a fast from sweets for six months. When she starts, her faith feels flat to her. But it isn’t until she finds herself failing at things she had committed her life to—like saving her first kiss—she even wrote a book about that--that she begins to experience God’s Grace. She comes to realize that God isn’t looking for our perfection, but for surrender. 

Craving Grace is a book for the young—probably a little too young for me. I found myself put off by her vows of her own perfection, but as she gets more deeply into her fast, she looks outwardly more and understands God more. The perfection crumbles a little. Readers will find some valuable lessons here. Once or twice, I laughed aloud. I hope she meant for me to.


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