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Book Review: How to be a Best Friend Forever

How to be a best friend forever bDr. John Townsend 

Publisher:  Worthy Publishing 

Sub Title:  Making and Keeping Lifetime Relationships 

Pages: 192 

List Price: 19.99 

Pub Date:  01/13/2012 

ISBN:  9781936034437


How to be a Best Friend Forever delves into becoming more than surface friends from the perspective of a Christian psychologist. The tone is easy to understand rather than professional, although occasionally, he describes ways of talking to your friends in doctor-ese. However, readers who want to deepen their dearest friendships will find useful information here. 

Dr. Townsend discusses the importance of a best friend in crisis. You won’t find information on getting these friends. He says that it takes time. Jumping into a close friendship with someone you don’t know well probably won’t work. It’s through social groups or working together that people find their best friends. He spoke of a neighbor who became a friend when they decided to walk together for exercise. 

He goes into detail about confrontation and other situations that can come up when people know one another well and gives concrete ideas for fostering these important bonds. 

A Discussion Guide at the end makes this a useful tool as a teaching aid in a class about friendship, or possibly as a guideline for counselors. It offers good advice to anyone who wants to make deeper friendships. 


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Thank you, Morgan. This title will be a blessing to many.

Thank you for your review of How To Be a Best Friend Forever. We are so pleased you enjoyed this title!

Morgan Canclini
PR & Marketing Coordinator
Worthy Publishing

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