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Book Review: The Baker's Wife

The Baker's Wife for typepadErin Healy  

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson 

Pages: 352 

List Price: $15.99 

ISBN:  9781595547521 


Audrey, a pastor’s wife, finds herself a baker’s wife when a self-righteous detective ruins her husband’s career. Jack Mansfield single-handedly tries and condemns her entire family when his family implodes; and again, when his wife disappears. As he slips into insanity, she must find his wife before he does irreparable damage to both husband and son. The Christians span kindness to fanaticism. Geoff, the baker, acts like a man of God while Jack acts like the devil. 

Without adding spoilers, I thought the author left a few loose ends—for example, what happened with the coach’s feet? Will the poor man be able to continue coaching? 

The Baker’s Wife is a well-written, fast-moving mystery with realistic, usually likeable characters. Audrey’s spiritual gift gives new meaning to the statement, “I know how you feel.”  


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