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Book Review: Sentenced to Life

Sentenced to life for typepad aKay Baker

Publisher: Tate Publishing 

List Price: $12.99 

ISBN: 978-1617390913 


Also available on Kindle 

Kathy takes a meandering path from prison to the surprising destination that ends this book. An accountant with too much access to her client’s money, she succumbs to temptation. Thus starts her sentence as a white-collar criminal. She describes the day-to-day life of prison to minimum security to halfway house and then to her Christ-filled life. The optimistic protagonist portrays the years she spent in prison as almost fun, at one point comparing it to a country club. I respect her decision to accept her imprisonment and educate herself. 

The author lists Sentenced to Life as fiction based on truth, but it reads more like a memoir. 

The reader will find not so much a polished novel as it is an old-fashioned letter. It is readable and interesting. 

I received the book from the author but I have not met her. She did not pay me. This is an honest review.


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