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Book Review: Downfall, Intervention Series


Terri Blackstock

Publisher: Zondervan

Publication Date: March 01, 2012

List Price: $14.99 USD

Pages: 304

ISBN: 978-0310331483

Emily has come through a long fight to overcome her drug addiction, but she has successfully navigated her abstinence for two years. Barbara, her mother, stood by and suffered with her during the worst and Emily is having trouble earning her trust. Barbara believes the nightmare begins anew every time Emily stays out late or does something she did during her years of addiction. Emily attends college now and enjoys her new addiction-free friends—who stay out late. 

When Barbara comes to Atlanta to be near Kent, it brings them back to the place of Emily’s addiction, and to an old enemy she didn’t know she had. The “Avenger” decides he will kill her and her family. He plants a bomb under her car. From that moment, the bodies fall as he gets nearer to her family. Drugged beyond reason, he enjoys the game. 

I had a revelation during the reading of this book. I didn’t realize that ex-addicts can never again take a narcotic, even to help terrible pain. The addict must always feel every bit of pain he or she is victim to—or succumb to painkillers and begin the foggy, insane years again. 

The action is constant, characters believable, and the suspense continuous. Anyone who reads this book should start with the first book. Though the mystery begins and ends in this book, I felt like someone who goes to a party and walks into someone else’s conversation in the middle. The author often refers to happenings in earlier books. If the first books move at the pace of this one, Emily should be agoraphobic as well as addictive. I certainly wouldn’t leave my house—though for her, home offers no safety.



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