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Book Review: Engaging Today's Prodigal, Clear Thinking, New Approaches, and Reasons for Hope

Engaging Today's Prodigal for TYPEPAD

Carol Barnier

SubTitle:  Clear Thinking, New Approaches, and Reasons for Hope 

Pub Date:  April 01, 2012 (Available for Pre-Order)

Publisher:  Moody Publishers 

List Price: $12.99 

Pages: 176 

ISBN:  9780802405579 

Carol Barnier left her Christian church and later became an atheist. She joined the American Atheists, organization of the infamous Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Later, she talks about her difficult son. She defines a prodigal as one who leaves the faith, as much as one who lives a riotous life. Though the original prodigal mirrored the addict of today, the author merely questioned herself out of the church. She blames misunderstood promises. Some churches claim some things as promises through misinterpretation. When we accept them as promises, it shakes our faith when the Lord doesn’t respond to our prayers as we believe He “promised”. 

Part One talks about parental guilt and how that affects behavior toward the prodigal. Part Two describes how we, and the church, should respond to the prodigal. Part Three tells the author’s story. Among other facts, she points out that she came from a Christian home with loving, well-intentioned parents. 

Parents will find encouragement in these pages. The load may become a bit less heavy. The author uses herself as a case study throughout. She writes intelligently and with humor. Anyone seeking hope in this trying situation will find a compassionate advocate in Carol Barnier.

I received this book through NetGalley. It is an honest review.




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