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Book Review: Learning to Jump Again

Learning to jump FOR TYPEPAD

Anthony Weber

SubTitle: A Memoir of Grief and HOPE

Publisher: WestBow Press

List Price: $13.95

Pages: 164

ISBN: 978-1449721305 

Anthony Weber lost his beloved father when his father was fifty-five. In Learning to Jump Again, Anthony works out his grief and the blow it struck to his faith. Though a minister, he begins to feel an intellectual, more than a heart belief. 

People going through grief will recognize many similarities with their experiences with loss. The first part of Learning to Jump Again tells a poignant story of his difficulty letting his father go. He talks of helping his sons make sense of it when it made no sense to him. 

The book covers the time of the death up to five years later. The author includes sermons at the end that were more intellectual essays than the heart-felt grief-work of the first part. Scattered throughout the book, the author includes gray boxes with black text of comments and quotations. I found these boxes hard to read. The book would improve if the gray were lighter or white. In addition, the author might tell the reader where he got the excerpts that aren’t literary. Were they members of his congregation? Facebook comments? Both? If he gave this information, I missed it. 

I received this book from the author. We have not met. This is an honest review.


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