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Book Review: The Mulligans of Mt. Jefferson


Don Reid

SubTitle:  A Novel 

Publisher:  David C Cook 

List Price: $14.99 

Pages: 336 

ISBN:  978-1434764942 

Mulligan means “do over” and it is the name of a Mt. Jefferson Restaurant.  

Harlan, Buddy, and Cal grew up as best friends—none of them named Mulligan. This story tells of their growing-up years in the thirties to fifties. The adult story takes place in 1959. It starts as Harlan lies in the hospital suffering from a gunshot wound from an early-morning intruder. 

As children, Cal kept them all in trouble. Harlan was the charmer and girl magnet.  Buddy fell in love with his future wife as she practiced the piano in their home. The early years echo Mayberry, RFD, but, in manhood, each man must face his sins and suffer the consequences of them. In one case, he suffers for another’s sin as his business falters. 

As men, Harlan runs a jewelry store, Buddy joins the police force, and Cal becomes a Methodist minister. He never tells us what happened to change him, keeping it as a mysterious secret. All three manage parental businesses as young men. Later, as a police officer, Buddy must be tough as he tries to get the truth from the reticent Harlan and his wife Darcy. Cal tries to comfort them all. Will their friendship survive this difficult period? 

The reader will find the characters likeable and the ending satisfyingly unexpected. The writing carries you along in a readable sequence. However, the long descriptions of their growing-up years slow the story. Perhaps they would fit better coming gradually throughout the mystery. At times, I forgot that Harlan lingered in a hospital.

I received this book from NetGalley. This is an honest review.




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