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Book Review: Downtown Green

Downtown Green FOR TYPEPADJudy Christie 

Publisher:  Abingdon Press 

Pages: 224 

List Price: $13.99 

ISBN:  978-1426708992 

Lois Craig, owner of the Green News-Item newspaper, new mother, and proud citizen of Green, watches the downtown businesses wane without customers. Zach Price, her ex boss, wants to acquire the newspaper to merge with his large one. Major Wilson, newly released from prison, and Jerry Taylor fight to bring an industrial development to replace the main streets. Meanwhile, the scenic lake becomes not as scenic as the weed, giant salvinia, doubles, rapidly covering it. 

Lois and concerned friends struggle to bring business to downtown. She and her husband, Chris, buy an ice-cream parlor to prevent Jerry Taylor from buying the land. The town gathers to fix the dilapidated building. 

The large cast of characters becomes confusing. The book would benefit by a who’s who index to keep track. It doesn’t help that the dog has a people name. The reader may wonder whose child is that. A few of the background stories resolve themselves too easily. Vince should have tormented them longer. 

Despite these flaws, the reader will enjoy the people and small-town ambiance of Green—the sense that the town belongs to all of them. The pace of the story moves well. Worth reading.

I received this book from NetGalley. It is an honest review.