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Book Review: The 5 Languages of Apology

5 languages of apologyGary D. Chapman and Jennifer M. Thomas

Subtitle: How to Experience Healing in all Your Relationships

Publisher: Northfield Publishing

Pages: 288

List Price: $14.99

ISBN: 978-1881273790

Have you ever had a disagreement with spouse, friend, or coworker and the apology given didn’t mend your hurt feelings? Or maybe you tried to apologize only to have your apology rejected. Possibly your apology didn’t match the style of the receiver. 

Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas discuss the various apology styles in The Five Languages of Apology. Apologies can range from a simple “I’m sorry” to restitution. One man, successful in his lifetime dream of a sports career, had an affair. To make amends, he gave up his dream and quit sports, thus taking himself out of temptation’s way. His wife didn’t ask him to do that, but it saved his marriage. 

Sometimes the receiver responds well to a gift. Another recipient might feel offended.  

Chapman writes like an educated man. He doesn’t use jargon or three-syllable words, but The 5 Languages of Apology is not a conversation over the table at Starbucks. The book reads well but the style is a little dry.

I received this book from Moody Press. 


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