Book Review: Whispers of Hope

Whispers of HopeBeth Moore

Publisher: B & H Publishing Group

Pages: 224

ISBN: 978-1433681097

Whispers of Hope is a daily devotional about prayer. The author begins by breaking down the parts of prayer; praise, repentance, acknowledgment, intersession, supplication for self, and equipping.  She described these in detail. Then she follows each day’s entry with a listing of those categories headlining a space to write.  People who like to journal during prayer will enjoy this book.

She continues by covering the subjects we might struggle against. For example, one entry studies gossip. Another talks about God’s gentle reality-check when we think we know more than He does.  She also reminds us that we can go through storms though we are completely in His will.

Whispers of Hope covers ten weeks of daily meditations so I won’t list every subject.

Beth Moore is a popular speaker and writer of long standing. Her writing, like her speaking shows her to be intelligent and articulate. You will find new ways to look at your problems.

Review: Shared Hope, Inspiration for a Woman's Soul


By Circle of Friends

Shared Hope for typepad The description of Circle of Friends describes it as a “non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging women to find and follow Christ.” The feminine, flower-strewn design includes a page to write your name and that of a receiver to give it as a gift.  With 90 pages, it isn’t a daily devotional. It’s a three-month devotional. I read it quickly to review, but each morning I plan to read one message again, to start my day. These messages will give each morning a lift before I get into the hard work of living. 

You will recognize some of the names here, such as Beth Moore and Corrie Ten Boom. Others you won’t know.

 The style and quality of the message differs with each writer, though every lesson has value. Two or three were too intellectual. I went away saying, “What?” Others told of incidents from the writer’s life. In a few cases, the writer used a story of personal pain or joy. Some passed the ultimate test. They made me cry with tears of recognition or sympathy. 

This pleasant book is worth reading or giving to a friend as a gift.