Fantasy Novel

Book Review: Betrovia, First of Three-Part Trilogy, Historical Fantasy Novel

Betrovia for typepad a

Dave King

Pages: 302

List Price: $12.99

ISBN: 978-1463757519

Betrovia is the first of a three-part trilogy. This fantasy novel re-creates a time when a soldier’s weapons included swords, and bows and arrows. War ravages Betrovia. It tells the story of Patrik, an innkeeper: trapper, hunter, and artist; and his two daughters, Tamara and Galena, and the war that shapes their existence. When Patrik finds a package of scrolls, he decides to trust Teophelus, a neophyte priest, to help him get them translated. Teophelus agrees to help him. Teophelus soon discovers a religious community eager to squelch the scrolls.  

The characters move in unexpected directions, especially when Tamara, oldest daughter, beauty, uninterested in the men who pursue her, an old maid at eighteen, finds her love and a life completely changed. 

The story moved well and with enough detail to put the reader in the picture. The characters rang true.  

I received the book from the author but I have not met him. He did not pay me. This is an honest review.