Holy Spirit

Book Review: Spirit Rising, Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit

Spirit RisingJim Cymbala

SubTitle:  Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit 

List Price: $19.99 

Pages: 208 

Publisher:  Zondervan 

Pub Date:  March 01, 2012  

ISBN:  9780310241256

Spirit Rising talks about the Holy Spirit and the work of the third person of the trinity. “The Holy Spirit is God’s agent on earth” author, Jim Cymbala says. He: “chooses people for ministry assignments;” “searches out the deep things of God to make them known to believers;” “makes Christ a living reality to the believer;” is “coequal with both the Father and Son.” We can struggle to be like Jesus but unless we give our lives to the Holy Spirit, everything spiritual will remain a struggle. 

The author tells of many testimonies of miracles done by the Holy Spirit. My favorite is the story of Roma Black. I wonder what happened to that hit man. Is he a person who will no longer kill? Are there murders that this nation will never experience because of him? How could there be any other outcome after the Holy Spirit climbs in the car with you. But this tells the story of Roma. 

The author’s need to pray for Pakistan demonstrates one way the Holy Spirit works—Pastor Cymbala felt possessed by a need and unable to let it go. He says that the way to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit is to obey His voice when it comes. Pray to be sure it is Him, but do what He wants when you are sure. We must succumb to the Spirit, letting His direction be all we want, taking time to hear His voice. 

Pastor Cymbala leads a charismatic church, but anyone who wants more of God will find Him here no matter what the reader’s church denomination. My prayer changed after reading this book.