Book Review: Thor Ramsey's Total Money Meltdown, a Proven Plan for Financial Disaster

Thor Ramsey for typepad Thor Ramsey 

SubTitle:  A Proven Plan for Financial Disaster 

Publisher:  Moody Publishers

Pub Date:  07/01/2011 (Available for pre-order)

List Price: $12.99 

Pages: 160 

ISBN:  9780802400758 

This book gives an often-funny look at money management: and how not to do it. Thor talks about his bad spending habits and the un-Christian attitudes that led him and his wife into a huge financial hole. He had adopted the attitudes of Americans in general—often the opposite of what the Bible teaches. 

Many Christians believe that money and religion are separate, but Thor points out that the Bible speaks more about money than it does about Heaven and Hell. God does care about how we spend His money. Thor points to Dave Ramsey if you want a day-by-day plan. However, for him and those who are list-phobic, he advocates a just-spend-less program and tells the ways he and his wife approached their debt—not always without pain. 

Many people know Thor as a Christian stand-up comedian who approaches all of life with humor. He admits he can’t cut back everything. Starbucks would fail without him. If money problems sour the reader’s day, this book will bring a laugh while bringing hope: and those who keep perfect accounts will enjoy it as well. 

I’m reviewing this book a little too soon, but it is available for pre-order on Amazon and Thor said, “Buy this book. I need the money.” (Oh that the un-funny could be that honest).  

Book Review: 86400, Making Every Second of Every Day Count

86400 Lavaille Lavette 

SubTitle:  Making Every Second of Every Day Count 

Publisher:  Hachette Book Group 

List price: $21.99 (Hardcover)—Amazon offers it for less 

Pages: 240 

ISBN:  9780446571470  

In this book, 86400 refer to the number of seconds in a day. Lavaille believes we need to think about how we use every second and live our lives “on purpose.” She starts the book writing about forgiveness. She says carrying burdens of unforgiveness stalls us in living to the fullest. She then goes through ten characteristics that make for a fulfilled life in God, including wisdom and dedication. The book is nondenominational, through Catholic to Charismatic, with a stop at United Methodist. 

She invited guest writers, including some celebrities, to add their wisdom for each of the ten points. At the end of the book, she invites us to join her organization. The 86400 movement encourages volunteerism and social action. 

This book is readable and occasionally humorous. You feel Lavaille’s passion for making every moment count. 

When you have this many people giving their opinions, the quality of the writing varies. One or two of the writers--though not Lavaille—came off a little preachy: most did not. A few of her heroes are not mine, though I admire most of them. I didn’t consider those differences when judging the advice given. I found nothing to disagree with there. Worth reading.