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  • Join me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a new devotion.

    Because I came to the Lord after years of depression and bad decisions, I have a heart for souls.

    My new birth in Christ--March 1985.

    Your comments and discussion are not only welcome, but coveted

    Disagree if you like. Be kind though. Correct or agree in love. Help me grow in the Lord through your feedback. Do you agree with my theology?

    Love a good Bible discussion.

What I Have Escaped

  • Why Does Jesus Weep?

    Jesus waited to go to Mary and Martha to call Lazarus out of the tomb. He trudged up their lane four days after Lazarus died. He knew the outcome of that day, and the miracle He planned. But He wept.

  • Help My Unbelief

    When the man asked Jesus to heal his son, he said “if you can.” Jesus corrected him. Faith must come before healing. The man recognized his doubt, so rather than pretend, he asked Jesus to strengthen his faltering faith.

  • Humble in Heart

    Jesus wasn’t a hypocrite, so how could He call Himself humble? Could it be that humility doesn't mean seeing yourself as worthless and inferior?

  • Kicking the Shins of the Favored Child

    Whenever we think we’re being mistreated because of our faith, we can remember that Jesus lost his life because of envy.

  • The Ants Challenge the Mountain

    The God of the Universe looms far bigger and more powerful than Mr. Grier. And yet in defiance the ants challenge the Mountain. We, ladies and gentlemen, are the ants.

  • Jesus Misses His Ride

    Jesus sat enthralled in a synagogue listening to spiritual teachers, so engrossed He forgot all else

  • Good or Evil: A Frightening Day

    On May 29, 2019, my hometown of Lawrence had its first tornado since 1982. Sixty homes suffered damage. It caused seventeen injuries. Three people went to the hospital. Members of my church lost roofs and suffered other destruction.

  • Burning Bush

    Moses killed an Egyptian as a young man, and fled to Midian. He tended sheep until age eighty. Did he ever have one daydream of leading an entire nation to a wonderful new land?

  • Joseph Ran

    Loyalty and God’s will mattered more to Joseph than the unfair punishment he received. He responded without weighing the cost.

  • Jesus Called Judas Friend

    How could Jesus call Judas “friend?” Judas beat out all others as enemy number one.

  • Why Me?

    Why is my name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Why should I spend my eternity in heaven when many will never know the abundance available for them if they accept the Lord Jesus Christ?

  • What I Have Escaped

    Prodigal lessons come hard. We know too much we wish we didn’t and understand what it’s like when the light goes out. We can never take Jesus for granted.

  • No Thank You Big Enough

    Have a hard day? Can't think of a THING to be thankful for? This is it.

Beloved Prodigal

  • They found her friend in a ditch.

    Would she follow?

    Mary stood trembling at the door, afraid to knock—afraid to leave.

    She tapped softly, nearly hoping for no response. But the shocked eyes of Lazarus cut through the dark night, taking her in.

    Mary left home in a decision that shattered her family. She accepted her Messiah in a dramatic act of Love. But now she had nowhere to go.

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