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No Life Without Him

  • John routinely ducked crossfire before his fourteenth birthday.

Deadbeat Everything

  • Gary used marijuana for the first time at ten. At twenty-eight, three strikes turned Gary's drug use into a felony.

Fifty-One to Life

  • HIV positive, Phoebe feared she would die in prison.

Demon Scream

  • Roger went to prison and preached on Sunday but the man in cell three didn't like it.

"God Rescue Me"

  • David prayed every time he found himself in trouble, but he didn't know God.

"When Will You Stop Loving Me?"

  • Angela forgave her husband his crime to show her son an example of love.

"Can I Hold Your Hand?"

  • Pamela refused the minister's help, but the touch of her hand changed Pamela's life.

A Tract and a Dollar

  • Shanna followed the Grateful Dead and lived on the street until a simple tract opened her eyes.

Fall of a Steadfast Son

  • Chris served God until an affair with a student sent him to prison.

Hard Ride to Redemption

  • Andy couldn't get arrested, but when he finally did, the drive to prison made prison look like a party.

The Senseless Cause

  • Antonio gave his life to the Mexican Mafia until he found another cause to fill his heart.

Unkept Promises

  • Shawn made promises to God but he had to reach bottom to keep them.


  • Tony's temper took him to prison. Then it took him to solitary confinement

Cadillac Conversation

  • Tony and Mike, both in solitary, communicated with a comb and the bottom half of a used toothpaste tube.

A House in Order

  • Partying and drugs caused Cathy to lose her children.

Weekends in Hell

  • A successful overachiever, Jim found himself sucked into alcoholism and strip clubs.

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