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  • Lynette, Goodreads
    I really enjoyed this book! Loved diving deeper into the Bible stories and to see what (might have) happened behind the scenes! The Lord is good and it's just a great reminder of how awesome he is! I went through many emotions reading this book!
  • Yafania, Goodreads
    A lovely tale reading and rereading, with a home on your shelf. The way Ms.Kirk tells the story opens ones eyes more to the beautiful love and forgiveness that is ours when we truly believe.
  • Julia Wilson, AmazonUK
    The main message is that everyone can have a fresh start with Jesus. No one is excluded or is ever too bad to be loved by Him. Prodigals return home and "become new creations." A powerful little book putting legs to familiar and much loved Bible stories.
  • D. Hart, Amazon UK
    "A beautifully written story, highly recommended."
  • Erika Mathews:
    I very much enjoyed this work of Biblical fiction. I found it clean and true to the Biblical account, ... The plot was cohesive, the conflicts were brilliantly incorporated, and the message was clear.
  • Reagan Colbert, Beta Reader:
    I Love this book.The facts, terms, and customs you portrayed matched the era so perfectly, making it easy to slip into the story and see the world around it.You ... (took) real historical figures and (gave) them lovable personalities.



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